Orkambi Video Diaries – Day 1

I started Orkambi this morning! Throughout these first few weeks, I’m going to try my best to provide video updates of my progress in hopes to a) save myself from making the same phone call over and over to my enormous and long-winded family (jokes!..kind of) and b) maybe help other CFers and their families prepare for Orkambi and its intial side effects.

Above is my video for day 1 – at least the first half of day 1…

Everyone’s different so of course whatever I do or don’t experience might not be the same for others taking this drug but I figure it can’t hurt to share this journey as I go.

Emotions are all over the place but I’ll save those for another entry because I’m a wee bit tired and I rented Spy on Amazon. I best get going…Melissa McCarthy waits for no one!




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